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Twin City Rapid Transit No. 1239

T R C T 1239 move T R C T 1239 before

T R C T 1239 after


Streetcar No. 1239 was built at the 31st Street Shops at Nicollet Avenue and 31st Street in Minneapolis in March of 1907. It was one of 25 H-6 class streetcars built between February and April and was one of the final streetcars built at 31st Street as the Twin City Lines' streetcar manufacturing moved to the new Snelling Shops at Snelling and University Avenues in St. Paul. The old 31st Street Shops were demolished and replaced by the new Nicollet Station, strictly a carbarn with facilities for routine maintenance and repair. Today, the site is occupied by Metro Transit's Nicollet Garage.

In 1935, No. 1239 was rebuilt with front and rear double-stream folding doors to permit operation by one or two men, identical to the current configuration of TCRT streetcar No. 1300. It was retired in August 1953 and the body was sold to the Transportation Sales Company for disposition. The body was acquired by the Museum in December 1987 and moved to Jackson Street Roundhouse a year later, where limited restoration work was done. On November 24 and 25, 1998, it was moved to the newly-built Excelsior Carbarn on the Museum's Excelsior Streetcar Line in west-suburban Excelsior, where it would be restored for operation. No. 1239, in its as-built 1907 appearance and configuration, was dedicated and began operations on the Excelsior Streetcar Line on September 11, 2004.


12 39 at Minneapolis city hallNo. 1239 proceeds northbound on South 5th Street in front of City Hall in downtown Minneapolis. The Hiawatha light rail line operates in 5th Street and this is the site of the Government Plaza station.
  Photo: MTM Archives, courtesy Robert A. Selle. October 18, 1952.


The streetcar's frame is made of steel. The body is made out of wood, with canvas over the roof.

As-Built Technical Data

Type H-6
Number of trucks 2
Truck type Baldwin #5
Wheel diameter 33"
Wheel type Cast
Number of traction motors 4
Traction motor type G.E. 70
Gear ratio 15:71
Controller type K-28-B
Weight 49,000 lbs.
Width 9' 2.5"
Length 46' 7.125"
Underframe Steel
Trolley base G.E. R.B.
Trolley wheel diameter 4"

1935 Rebuild Changes

Truck type Twin City #5*
Traction motor type G.E. 200*
Controller type K-35-JJ
Weight 44,651 lbs.

*Recent research indicates the truck type may have been Twin City #9. The traction motors were G.E. 200 as of January 1937, and G.E. 213 as of May 1948.
 Information from The Electric Railways of Minnesota, by Russell L. Olson. Published by the Minnesota Transportation Museum.

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