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Twin City Rapid Transit Company Streetcar No. 1300

T C R T 13 hundred waits at the Linden Hills station

Photo by Bruce Adelsman


Twin City Rapid Transit steetcar No. 1300 was part of an order for 19 faster cars to be used on the St. Paul - Minneapolis "interurban" line along University Avenue (See Russ Olson's history of its various assignments). After the end of streetcar operations in June 1954, it was donated intact to the Minnesota Railfan's Association, a predecessor of the Museum. Today, this "standard" car appears exactly as it did in the early 1930s. No. 1300 was the first restored streetcar operated on the Como- Harriet Streetcar Line in 1971.

No. 1300 was built at the company's Snelling Shops in April 1908, part of class I-1. In December, 1928, No. 1300 was rebuilt with a folding front exit door and triple rear gates. Its class was changed to I-8. In November 1931, it was again rebuilt, this time for one or two man operation with the addition of folding rear doors. Its class was changed to N.

No. 1300 was donated to the Minnesota Railfan's Association in June, 1954. In September 1954, it was moved by the Milwaukee Road to the Minneapolis-Moline plant in suburban Hopkins for storage. In August, 1962 it was again moved, to the Minnesota Transfer Railway roundhouse in St. Paul. Its first public operation occured on Minnesota Transfer Railway yard tracks in July, 1963. Power was supplied by an engine-generator set towed on a trailer. In August 1971, it was moved to restored trackage at Lake Harriet and operation of the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line began.


Tour 1300
To take a virtual tour of TCRT No. 1300, click here.

Car 1300 is 46 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 11 1/2 feet high.


The streetcar's frame is made of steel. The body is made out of wood, with canvas over the roof.

As-Built Technical Data

Type I-1
Number of trucks 2
Truck type Baldwin #5
Wheel diameter 34"
Wheel type Steel
Number of traction motors 4
Traction motor type G.E. 213
Gear ratio 15:71
Controller type K-37-A
Weight 47,800 lbs.
Width 9' 2.5"
Length 46' 7.125"
Underframe Steel
Trolley base G.E. R.B.
Trolley wheel diameter 4"

Rebuild Changes

Type I-8
Truck type Twin City #9RB
Traction motor type G.E. 203G
Gear ratio 16:68
Controller type K-43-F2
Weight 46,140 lbs.
Length 46'

Information from "The Electric Railways of Minnesota", by Russell L. Olson. Published by the Minnesota Transportation Museum, 1976 (out of print)..

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