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Building the Excelsior Carbarn

During the fall of 1998, the Minnesota Transportation Museum constructed a new carbarn in Excelsior. It has three storage tracks, one of which has a shop extension behind for maintenance and restoration tasks. The building was finished in a style reminiscent of the streetcar station that once stood in downtown Excelsior.

Placing the first main columns.

Guiding it into the post hole.

All columns in place.

Ready to install the roof trusses.

The three-track storage area and one-track shop behind are taking shape.

Framing is almost complete.

Men at work.

Roof decking has been added.

The shop wall has been framed in.

Storage tracks are on the right, and the shop behind them on the left.

View towards the back of the shop.

Looking in from the front. The shop is an extension of the left track.

Highway 7 goes right by the carbarn. The Excelsior exit is behind the carbarn and passes over the tracks.

The siding is almost all on. The highway bridge in the background is one of the few remains of the original Excelsior car line.

Finished! Its looks were inspired by the original Excelsior Depot.

All photos by Lori Hammond

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