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PCC Car No. 325

Like MSM's own PCC Car, No. 322, PCC Car No. 325 was one of the 30 nearly new PCC cars that the Twin City Lines sold to Newark's Public Service Coordinated Transport in 1953.  Car No. 322 was sold to Shaker Heights in the early 70s but Car No. 325, renumbered as NJT No. 6, remained in service in Newark until 2001 when all remaining 24 PCC cars were retired. No. 325 was selected by New Jersey Transit to be repainted in an earlier color scheme for the retirement ceremony. Subsequently, it was sold to the Rockhill Trolley Museum in Rockhill Furnace, PA, where the picture below was taken. To learn more from the Museum's web site, click here.

The image below shows PCC Car No. 6 in operation at the Rockhill Trolley Museum in 2011.

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P C C Car No. 325 at Rockhill

PCC Car. No 6 at Rockhill

Below are three images of Twin City Lines' PCC Car No. 325 in service in the Twin Cities.

P C C Car No. 325 on University Ave. at Fairview

University at Fairview

P C C No. 325 at Hoyt & Hamline

At Hamline & Hoyt

P C C No. 325 in front of state capitol

On Wabasah in front of Capitol

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