Great Progress at ESL

August was a great month for special events and completing major projects at ESL. Here’s a summary of what we’ve accomplished.
StoryTime Trolley. The August ESL StoryTime Trolley was a sold out event. August featured  author Stephen Shaskan and it was a huge success. The weather was beautiful for a trolley ride and for listening to Stephen read his books while entertaining the young riders. Families departing the trolley were all smiles and giggles, a fun event for all.
Sleepy Time Trolley. The Sleepy Time Trolley was a new ESL event. We had a lot of fun planning activities for our young riders. They wore their pajamas, brought their favorite stuffed animals, received a treat and rode the Trolley. The children, with their teddy bears, tigers, cats and assorted other animals, gathered to listen to stories, sing songs and cheer the Trolley on when we pretended it was stalled. Elaine Love and Karen Kertzman led the fun activities, while wearing pajamas too! Chuck Anding, John Knox and Jim Kertzman (all in uniform) played along with all the antics and provided a safe ride.
The Sleepy Time Trolley was the first ESL event to have ticket sales available online. It was a big success, both rides sold out and we received a lot of compliments from parents. It will definitely be on the 2019 special events calendar. A big thanks to Ben Franske, Rod Eaton and Bill Arends
for working their magic in getting ticket sales online on short notice.
ESL History Wall and Store Renovations. Over the past year and throughout this season there have been a number of improvements to the ESL carbarn to update and improve its looks and add functionality. The carbarn received a new concrete floor and updated lighting, both inside and out. While not the main purpose, these changes helped to create a more rider friendly environment during carbarn tours. To continue to improve the experience, the ESL Tuesday Crew has done a magnificent job rebuilding the History Wall and the store area. While the work is still underway, we are already hearing compliments from our riders. Even with ridership num-
bers down due to bad weather, store sales are still on par with last year. What has been completed?
  • The stairs to the storage area are now hinged and can be raised or lowered by remote control. When not in use they remain raised which opens up the entire length of the History Wall and store area below.
  • About 50 feet of 48” wide cork has been installed on the wall, allowing for an expanded display of our Streetcar’s historical past. The cork also gives us the ability to continually update the pictures, keeping the display fresh for returning riders.
  • Bead Board painted in Streetcar Yellow has been installed above and below the cork giving a Streetcar look to the entire area. To complete the trolley motif, the cork has been framed in Streetcar Green with Streetcar Red bordering the top of the entire wall.
  • The store itself has been expanded from two to three display cases which allowed merchandise offerings to be increased from 25 to 70 items.
  • The end result is a brand new look for our riders while giving them greater exposure to our streetcar history and merchandise.
BIG THANKS to the ESL Tuesday Carbarn Crew of Howie Melco, Scott Heiderich, Dick Zawacki, Carl Floren, Tom McGruder, Dave McCollum, Art Ruder, Mark Brothen, Steve Mages, Mike
Kimitch, Art Abrahams and Scott Ingram for their great ideas and all their hard work to make it happen.
You are invited to come ride the Excelsior Streetcar Line and experience these exciting changes.