Louisville & Nashville Passenger Trains: The Pan-American Era


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Louisville & Nashville Passenger Trains: The Pan-American Era,1921 – 1971. By Charles B. Castner, Robert E. Chapman & Patrick C. Dorin

Copyright 1999. Published by TLC Publishing, Inc.

This book chronicles the history of Louisville & Nashville passenger service that spans the period from the booming Pan American era of the 1920s through the Amtrak days of the 1960s. Extensive original sources and knowledge of L&N operations combine to deliver the last word on L&N motive power and rolling stock, as well as a complete roster of equipment and reproductions of period advertising pieces. In addition, an entire chapter is devoted to modeling L&N passenger equipment and trains. 234 pages.

Hardcover book published without a dust jacket. Excellent condition. No markings. One copy only.