Traction Motor Repair & General Fund

Board Chair Aaron Isaacs has just learned that our Museum has been awarded a ten-thousand dollar ($10,000) grant to help us with the repairs to two of our traction motors that need major rebuilding.

As reported in the Mar-April issue of the Streetcar Currents, the #1 motor on streetcar TCRT No. 1300 went bad this winter and is now in a local motor shop for complete rebuilding. This will include rewinding the motor’s armature which is time consuming and very expensive. In addition to No. 1300’s motor work, one of Winona No. 10’s motor also went bad and needs to have it’s armature re-wound. The car was going to enter regular service at ESL this season but until the motor is repaired it’ll be a “carbarn queen.”

Both these motors going bad at the same time is a major unplanned expense. While we have the 20th Century Electric Railway Foundation’s grant announced above, there a “catch.” To get the $10,000 grant we need to raise $10,000 in matching funds. Once we reach the match, we’ll have a total of $20,000 which go a long way to pay for the two rebuilt motors. We need your financial help to complete the deal. Please be as generous as you can.

Thank you!