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Images from the collection of the Minnesota Streetcar Museum can be found in our contributions to the Minnesota Digital Library site.

The Minnesota Digital Library Coalition (MDLC) — professionals from libraries, archives, historical societies, and museums across Minnesota — is creating a digital collection of the state’s unique resources and special collections. The Minnesota Digital Library supports education, scholarship, and enrichment through Internet access to this collection. The MDLC provides a server and database environment and imaging support that is the technical foundation for current and future digitization activities.

This digitization project, started in 2004, involves more than 150 participating historical societies, special archives, and libraries. The MDLC and participants digitized more than 135,000 unique photographs and images, collected the information on these images, and is creating a searchable database to help people access and use them.

Please read our policy on the Reproduction and Use of MSM Photographs and Images.

To order images from the Museum, note the “Local Identifier” number at the bottom of the text accompanying an image and use the form at the end of the policy on the Reproduction and Use of MSM Photographs and Images to order.

MSM has posted 2,546 images on Minnesota Digital Library, including photos, equipment plans, advertisements and publicity brochures.

The complete Minnesota Digital Library collection includes photos form other museums and contributors.

Search note: Using the basic search function at the top right of each page searches the entire collection. For example, searching for “Snelling” yields many images of Ft. Snelling. Using the “Advanced Search” function will allow you the select the exact collection you want to search.

Other Sources

Check our history articles, publications and books, and video presentations also found in the historic resources section of this site for a variety of additional photos.