Gulf, Mobile & Ohio – Color Pictorial


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Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Color Pictorial by R.R. “Dick” Wallen

Copyright 1996. Published by Four Way West Publications

Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, what a name! Bogged down in redundancy with an anachronism thrown in for good measure! Mobile is on the Gulf, and the Ohio refers to the river. The name was, however, a no brainer choice for the 1940 merger of the Gulf, Mobile & Northern and Mobile & Ohio railroads. It’s been said that the GM&O was cobbled together from a rag-tag bunch of logging railroads in the deep south. While that may be an oversimplification there is some truth to that characterization.

Many of the roads which formed the nucleus of the GM&O were indeed nothing more than common carrier loggers. Some of GM&N’s predecessor lines were originally narrow gauge.

Hardcover book issued without a dust jacket. 127 pages. ISBN 1-885614-13-6. Very good condition. No names or markings in the book.

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