Minnesota Railroads – A photographic History 1940 – 2012


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Minnesota Railroads – A photographic History 1940 – 2012. By Steve Glischinski

Copyright 2012. Published by University of Minnesota Press

“The Great Northern Railway, in the eventful year of 1941, met every requirement made of it as the nation hurriedly prepared for war.” So the Great Northern’s president spoke of the Minnesota railroad that transported the tanks and airplanes, material and troops that were critical to American’s military success. This illustrated book offers an enlightening – and irresistibly entertaining – look at Minnesota railroads from the shining moment near the end of the romantic era of steam locomotive and luxury passenger lines to the present day, in which railroads have reemerged as one of the few profitable transportation industries.

298 pages, illustrated throughout with both color and black & white photos.

Hardcover book with dust jacket. Both the book and dust jacket are like new condition. One copy only.

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