New Haven EP-5 Jets – Classic Power No. 9


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New Haven EP-5 Jets – Classic Power No. 9 by Joe Cunningham

Copyright 1991. Published by N. J. International, Inc.

When introduced in 1955, the New Haven’s EP-5 locomotives drew considerable attention from the media for both technical innovation and a sleek, streamlined appearance. But, the New Haven Railroad was beset with financial and management problems that would lead to poor performance records and reduced service reliability. Bankruptcy and a re-evaluation of the New Haven’s physical plant would lead to the only heavy overhaul the locomotives would ever see. By the time of the Penn Central merger, 40 percent of the fleet was in dead storage. The final locomotive was retired in 1977. Illustrated throughout with color and black & white photos. 98 pages.

Softcover book. Very good condition. One copy only.