The Last Interurbans


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The Last Interurbans – Bulletin 136 of the Central Electric Railfans’ Association. Written by William D. Middleton

Copyright 2003. Published by the Central Electric Railfans’ Association

In a bright new age of electricity, the electric interurban railways were one of the technological marvels of the 20th century. The interurbans were swift, clean and comfortable, and offered frequent service at low fares. hey liberated much of small towns and rural America from the travel constraints imposed by unpaved roads, horse-drawn transport, and the soot, infrequent local services offered by the steam railroads. For close to two decades the interurbans represented a dynamic and growing industry. By1917 interurban companies had built over 18,000 miles of line in the U.S. alone. But by then the growth years were over.

Hardcover book with dust jacket. Both the book and dust jacket are in very good condition. The book has a foil stamp illustration on the front cover by George Krambles. 234 pages.

The book is illustrated throughout with black & white photos. Chapter 6 – The Colorful Interurbans is illustrated with color photos.

One copy only.