The Prairie Trains


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The Prairie Trains by R.P. Olmsted

Copyright 1989. Published by Robert P. Olmsted

The parade of photographs in this book may be considered to be some of the author’s favorite unpublished work from the Midwestern prairies. The prairies? The Midwest? Certainly a couple of interesting terms; but where are they?

If one were to inquire of a number of individuals as to the location of the “prairies” or the “Midwest,” a wide variety of responses would be given. Likely the answers would vary depending upon one’s background and travel experiences. In this book the term “prairies” generalizes the broad central region between the Appalachians on the east and the High Planes/Rockies on the west.

This book is able to record the changing railroad scene from the final years of steam to an era of a handful of super railroads and a multitude of short lines – a time span of about 4 decades.

Illustrated throughout with black & white photos. 136 pages

Hardcover book with dust jacket. Books is very good condition. Dust jacket as a minor tear in the upper left corner. One copy only.