The President Travels by Train


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The President Travels by Train: Politics and Pullmans. By Bob Withers

Copyright 1996. Published by TLC Publishing, Inc.

This book tells the fascinating story of railroad travel by presidents of the United States from the very earliest period, when John Quincy Adams was the first to ride a train, to 2006 at the time of the fourth printing of this book.

Once the private Pullman car onĀ  a special train was for the president what Air Force One is today, allowing the president freedom to make important trips, campaign for re-election and do the nation’s business wherever he was needed. The story takes on special interest from the time of Lincoln, whose trip to his inauguration by rail was made dangerous by the oncoming Civil war, to the golden age of presidential travel under Franklin Roosevelt to Harry Truman in the 1930s and 1940s.

Hardcover book in very good condition. 422 pages. One copy only.