The St. Louis Municipal Bridge Railway


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The St. Louis Municipal Bridge Railway. Produced by the Terminal Railroad of St. Louis Historical and Technical Society, Inc. Summer 2005 – issue 65.

Copyright 2005. Printed by The James Mulligan Printing Company

This issue examines the Municipal Bridge – owned by the city of St. Louis. Like any government project it was slow going – never enough money- and once built no one really wanted to use it if there were other alternatives. Designated the Douglas A MacArthur Bridge in the 1940s – the Munny. The bridge had any distractors – the railroads complained about poor maintenance -the signaling system, new in 1939, but hopeless in the 1970s, Tolls were even levied in the 1930s against motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. There was nothing free about the Free Bridge. Read about it in this issue and the St. Louis & O’Fallon Railway story as well, and its connection to the Munny Bridge story. 105 pages.

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