Annual Appeal 2020-2021

You can find our updated 2020-2021 Museum Annual Appeal information online now. Following past practice, this will be the only time that we’ll solicit a donation from you.

While we didn’t operate for the public in 2020, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to operate in 2021.  But given the uncertainties of COVID-19, it’s very doubtful that we’ll be able to operate our normal schedule.  The reluctance of our friends to ride our streetcars in the COVID-19 era, coupled with uncertain availability of operating personnel, could result in a reduced schedule and less revenue in 2021.  We have operated only about a half-dozen charters this year so our farebox income this year will be negligible.  But our expenses are not; we still have on-going expenses for insurance, shop power, heat and light and routine streetcar and building/grounds maintenance.

Our prudent management of our income and expenses over the past years has allowed us to do some major work on our infrastructure in 2020 without trying to work around our regular public operations.  These projects included replacing ties at CHSL and repairs to the overhead trolley wire at ESL.  Work also continues on the truck building project for TCRT No. 1239, Winona No. 10 motor repairs, and other necessary projects, both planned and un-planned.

So, with that summary of this unusual year, we need your financial support more than ever right now and into 2021.  The attached flyer lists those project that we’d like to accomplish in 2021.  But we also need your support for the general fund, which pays the day-to-day bills that allows us to work on the streetcars and buildings and grounds.

Please be very generous when you respond to our annual appeal.

Thank you for your continuing support.  And please STAY SAFE!


Jim Vaitkunas
Corporate Secretary
Minnesota Streetcar Museum